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Contact for patients

If you wish patients to be able to contact you for appointments, please fill out the table below. Information will appear on "Find a Specialist" page.

Each applicant is responsible for the publication of his/her contact details, according to the regulations in your country.

Change or deletion of your contact details may be requested by sending an e-mail to



Please choose your membership category according to the EADV Statutes, Article 5. Click here for further information.

  • European physicians or scientists under 35 are entitled to apply for Junior or Specialist membership
  • Relative dues are revised annually by the Board of Directors
  • International trainees may consult the online version of the JEADV only

Annual fees
Annual fees including hard-copy version of the EADV Journal


Professional Information Required

Only documentation in English is accepted. A certified translation of any non-English document must be provided.

1. Specialisation
  • Official diploma confirming specialisation in Dermatology and/or Venereology OR
  • Official confirmation of specialist status by your national specialist society OR
  • Written confirmation of specialist status by a senior EADV Specialist member, in good standing, from the same country as the applicant
First Medical Degree
Specialist status
2. PhD (if applicable- scientists)
3. Trainee
4. If retired
5. Endorsers

TWO EADV Specialist members in good standing have to endorse your application. Each of them will be contacted by EADV for confirmation. New members will be able to endorse applicants after their 12 months qualifying period

Applicant's Signature

The agreement of adherence to EADV statutes with original signature must be sent by email, fax or post


Organisations / Supporting Membership

Letter and references to be sent to the Secretary General

If you do not receive a response in the next 10 days, your application may not have gone through and you are advised to check directly with EADV in Brussels, Belgium at:

EADV (succursale belge) - 38 avenue General de Gaulle - 1050 Brussels - Belgium
Phone: +32 2 650 00 90
Fax: +32 2 650 00 98